Beechwoods Barns

Frequently Asked Questions

How are barns taken apart?

Very carefully. Dismantling a barn involves a reverse of the building process, starting at the top (the roof) and working our way down, saving all the original material that is possible. The last and most valuable part, the frame of posts and beams, are coded to enable us to re-erect it in the future.

How do you clean a barn frame?

We use a pressure washer with mild detergent and if need be a lot of elbow grease to clean centuries of dirt without losing the character or patina.

Are pests such as termites or powder post beetles a problem?

Depending on the species of wood, bugs can be a problem. We are judicious in the selection of barn frames regarding bugs and will often opt out when we detect a bad infestation.

How do you treat old wood for bugs?

We work with a licensed pest control outfit that uses an organic borate solution to make sure we go easy on the environment at the same time ridding the wood of pests.

Is it difficult to adapt an old barn to a new living space?

The challenge is to integrate all the best of the modern conveniences e.g. radiant heat, media cables, fresh air exchangers etc. within the framework of an antique barn frame without sacrificing the usefulness or character of either. Through our experience we’ve picked up some great “tricks of the trade” to enable us to meet this challenge.

What makes old barns so desirable?

The inherent characteristics and fusion of proportion, joinery, character and patina of the wood, plus the fact that these icons of the American landscape are fast disappearing, have all contributed to their desirability.

How do I choose the right barn?

We offer consultant services to assist clients in determining the right size for their barn’s program or intended use.

What is included in a barn frame?

The frame includes all the major components which comprise the barn skeleton e.g. the posts, beams and rafters. If the barn had a purlin beam structure that is included also.

What other materials do you have available?

We have a rotating stock of barn flooring, siding, beams, tin roofing and original foundation stone.

What is the cost of an antique barn frame?

Generally size and condition are the main determinants but several other factors come into play: what type; hand hewn or sawn? what species; oak, hemlock, chestnut? How old (rare)? Condition; is it all original?  We can help you to understand how our barn frames are priced.