Do you, or does someone you know, need a website?

I got my first computer in 1983 and I have been playing with, programing, fixing and using them ever since. I have built websites for friends, helped design them for clients. I built and maintain a website for a local hunt club. I get paid by a realtor to maintain their website. I finally realized I enjoy building websites. I build them by hand (so to speak) Using HTML, CSS, Java-script, PHP. and a text editor. And I would like to build one for you or some one you know.

What have I done?

here are a couple of sites I have built. Cheryl Bryant
Beech Woods Barns
Susan Sullivan Yoga

Why me?

I have studied visual communication for 47 years. I studied graphic design and photography in college. worked as a package designer, before working in London and New York City as an advertising photographer. I enjoy finding new ways to get the message across. I feel well qualified to communicate your message on the world wide web.

How much do I charge?

$500. for the first (Home) page. Then $150. for each additional page or pop-up. I can also provide web hosting + email forwarding for $200. per year. Plus $15 for domain name registration. A kind of one stop shop.