Beechwoods Barns

Beechwoods Barns Consulting Services

Beechwoods Barns is available for consultations. If you have an old barn or are considering purchasing one you may benefit of our knowledge and experience to assess the condition of the structure and receive an honest evaluation of the possible paths towards reconstruction and/or reuse. In the long run this can help you avoid pitfalls, saving you time and money.


Have a special project? Let us find the barn that's right for you!

We can also help determine some of the use history of the barn. Uncover the stories that lie within your barn. To a great degree, every barn is unique all barns have histories. There are reasons why modifications were made to them as needs changed. Barns were adaptable and clues can often be discerned in their joinery.

Whatever your need is, you and the people you choose to work with will benefit greatly if you have a clear vision of the proposed project. There are a variety of approaches to working with old structures and often the condition may dictate the plan. Beechwoods Barns has the technical expertise and hands-on experience to assist you in choosing the correct one.

We offer professional advice on all levels of restoration and preservation of barns and historic structures.


We handle historic projects, from identifying and sourcing period-correct materials to relocating structures.


Historical research
- Dating the structure
- Determining period and style
- Identifying original parts and additions

Evaluation of structure
- Complete evaluation of foundation, frame, roof and mechanicalsystems

- Practical advice and timetable on structural repairs
- Recommendation of appropriate materials

Advice on installation of new mechanical systems (plumbing, heating,electrical)

- Retrofitting systems for energy efficiency
- Integrating green building materials and methods

Each consultation is followed up with a written report to the owner with photographs and recommendations. We work with clients to adapt the structure to your needs while maintaining its historic character.